About us

Portuguese Motorcycle Brand

Our history

We are one of the most recent Portuguese brands dedicated to urban mobility in Portugal.

MYTOS enters this sector with a focus on the future of mobility and sustainability through the development of products aimed at all types of consumers in a changing market.

The history


The MYTOS MOTORCYCLES brand was born in 2020, the result of more then 20 years of experience and know-how in the Portuguese motorcycle market and international relations in the global market.

The premise is simple, making the world a more sustainable place, while ensuring a product that is accessible to all consumers.


As a result of the solutions proposed within the scope of urban mobility, MYTOS launches the first model on the Portuguese market: the MYTOS NEO.

“MYTOS was born from a dream and several years of experience in the motorcycle market.”

Daniel & Armando / CEO’s

Our Mission

From the perception of two major needs: to redefine urban mobility and to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future, MYTOS Motorcycles was born.

MYTOS’ mission is to provide all motorcyclists with a new generation of vehicles that are environmentally responsible and affordable.

Join Us!


Our 2-wheeled vehicles are part of the solution to the current urban mobility problem.


Our products have an unbeatable price/quality ratio, the result of our experience in the global market.